Varied, Striking, and Hilarious House Window Styles

Have you ever wondered which type of window styles is most often installed in homes? Are fixed windows an option for your house? And what about those door-like windows that open? You know it with this handy guide. Unknown name for a very familiar type of window – a double hung window means it has two wings (united glass and frame units) that slide up or down.

You want your house to have a traditional look, but with a modern twist. Because so many window manufacturers make double windows, the price is competitive and you can find a cheap screen with few problems. Ergonomically speaking, double top hung windows are easy to lift and close. Because the tracks are … MORE vertical, they don’t fill up with dirt.

You have children. Double hinged windows can pose a safety risk because they are low enough for children to have access to and drop out. However, it is easy to install inexpensive window protectors that prevent the window from becoming too high. Windows with authentic Muntins and styles are expensive. An unrealistic-looking alternative: fake-style windows and coin inserts between the glass plates in the case of double-glazed windows (ie, double-pane). Check our gallery to inspire you!