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How to Dress Your Round Window

The round window is common features in the attic or other gabled spaces, and although they are a lovely decorative accent on their own, they are also not suitable for regular or covered curtains. When you want some privacy or if you want to give the room a more finished look, choose a showcase that suits your tastes.

Install a very short curtain rail on the top of the round window and hang a very short curtain from it. This leaves some space at the top and bottom of the round window but manages to obstruct the view. If the window is small enough, you can even use a towel rack as your curtain rod. The dress of the window with labels of the window of colored glass. While installing a stained glass window is expensive, the labels are quite cheap and colorful. They give the light that comes into the room a vivid color of quality, and they are easy to install and remove.

Close of the window with a custom-made round blind. These blinds can be requested from the shop window companies, and although expensive, they create a professional looking solution for an uncovered window. They can be made to be fixed permanently for the window, or they can be made to be removable. Hang sun pickers over the round window. The prisms will capture the light and throw in lovely rainbows when the sun comes into play.