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How to Frame a Window Idea

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How to frame a window – The windows are to allow the sun and time in a home. If there is smoke in the house or a nauseating smell, a window can also let the evil out of the air. A window is as decorative or as clear as you choose. With so many window designs available, you are bound to find the perfect windows for your home. The construction of a window in a house is easy provided that the framing is done before the completion of the construction of the house. A house without windows would feel something like a dungeon, so plan on building a good number of window frames.

Measure and cut to size two 2 by 4 studs that will run from the top of the wall plate to the bottom plate. These are called king asparagus and will sit parallel to opening in the wall of the window, one on each side. Determine the opening width in the window wall. Nail the king nails instead of one on each outer edge of the opening. Place three 16-cent nails on the wooden posts through the top plate, and three nails on each bottom.

Measure the distance between the uprights of the king and regular wall studs. And using a tape measure, determine how much space is between the bottom wall plate and the bottom of the opening in the window wall.