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Install a Window Wells to Make Your Morning Good

If you have a basement that is dark and uninviting, basement window wells offer the answer to your lighting problems. To install a window in an underground basement, you need to install a window well – a retaining wall that keeps the dirt back out of the window. Window pits can be brick, concrete, metal, wood or plastic and metal window pits are prefabricated and put in place, while wood, concrete and masonry window pits are laid out on site.

Metal window pits are usually constructed from galvanized materials. Although most have been completed, you can purchase square metal window sinks. Remove dirt outside the window with a pick and a shovel. You need to remove enough dirt so that the window will properly place just below the bottom of the windowsill – about 6 inches.

Fix the window well to the wall with Tapcon concrete screws, or, if you install it in wood, use 1/4-inch anchor bolts. Fill back well around the window with dirt and scenery. A wooden window can be properly installed using large roof construction that will withstand rot – usually old sleepers or cedar or cypress roof construction will do. Dig the dirt out to the size that you want the window properly.