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Decorative Arched Bay Window Curtain Rod

A bouquet of curtain bar window treatment shows the window. An arched bay window curtain rod can be discreet or bold. The rods come in clear and different metal coatings. Curved curtain rods are of many sizes to fit curved windows. Arch windows also known as circular compartment windows curve outwards from the room. Arched rods have the advantage of following curved lines to enhance the room’s architectural details.


Clear vinyl curved rods come in different lengths, and you can cut the rod to fit. These rods are flexible and come with hardware that keeps them in the arched shape. Suppliers who specialize in bay window curtains and draperies often sell custom arcs in standard or decorative styles. To measure for an arched bar, hold a helper hold one end of the measuring tape with its side toward the end of the curve.

Follow the curve with the tape measure at the other end so that the tape measure becomes bend format. To mount the rod on the window frame or wall, hold the measuring tape with the edge towards the surface and the digits towards the ceiling. To mount the curved curtain rods inside the window frame, guide the belt flat against the arc inside the frame, with the numbers facing outwards.