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Frosted Window Film for the Glass Windows

Frosted window film adds a unique look to your home, as well as provides privacy. Any size of the window can be matted using this method. You can only use the frosting or add a design to the window to create a custom look. The technique can be used for glass inside your homes, such as French doors or a bathroom divider.

Clean and dry the glass to ensure it is free of dirt and grease. Place a template on the glass and fix it with adhesive tape around the edges with adhesive tape. Apply a thin layer of glaze varnish to the trim areas of the template, using a small brush. Wait for the varnish to become sticky or sticky to the touch. This only takes a minute when the temperature is 70 degrees.

Roll gently over the glaze varnish using the foam roller. Press firmly but without forcing on the glass. Remove the template from the window glass. Repeat the process if necessary. The template can be replaced in the window and the process can be repeated beginning with the second step. Allow the glaze varnish to dry for two hours after removing the template. Besides it is cheaper from the budget side, it is also easy for you to do it.